About Me

rod whisnant I am a co-founder of 3 kids, husband to 1, regular guy, entrepreneur, cyclist, leader, story teller, team builder, data scientist and technologist who cares about what he builds.

I have a diverse background in enginering and product management in areas including SaaS, e-commerce, machine learning, big data & analytics, cloud architecture and mobile. I've worked at startups and large companies and have a rare combination of product vision, technical acumen and business savvy.

—I'm passionate about creating compelling products that make a difference.

product management

Product Management

I view product management as the art of seeing all the possibilities, finding the important, and driving to make it possible. —This is what I do.

big data

Machine Learning &

In today's world you need data to drive decisions. The trick is knowing how to apply solid approaches and technology to deliver insights in an understandable form. —This is my wheelhouse.



A deep understanding of technology and how to leverage it is important for startups and enterprises alike. —I know tech.


  • Cubic

    Senior Engineering Mgr - I lead a team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers delivering scalable predictive models and insights for the defense and mass transit markets.

  • Predictive Science

    VP Products - Created disruptive solutions for Fortune 1000 brands leveraging big data to solve big problems.

  • Dell Computer

    Director Product & Engineering - Created a new Saas platform to bring the Pinterest experience to large online stores.

  • CrowdMesh

    Founder - Utilized natural language processing the uncover interests and trends from social media data.

  • Whisnant Consulting

    President - Consulting services including product strategy, web & mobile development and technical due diligence.

  • ExpressDigital

    VP Development - Created one of the first professional photography e-commerce websites serving over 30,000 photographers.


Feel free to reach out for consulting, collaboration, job opportunities, technology assessments or just some quick advice. Let's talk.